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Hengxin Last with AUTOLAST 2017

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

As more and more shoe factories move to southeastern asian countries, the last supply in China sharply decreased in recent years. Lastmakers is try to find a new way to keep and attract their customers. 'autolast complete last turning technologies as the most advanced last machining trend in last industry are the main approach to improve the quality and repetibility of the products as the sample.

Hengxin last is a factory running its bussiness mainly on shoe last supply.

Having installed the complete autolast 2017 last production line in Hengxin, the lasts from Hengxin are being accepted by more companies with strict requirements on mass production. With AUTOLAST technology, Hengxin lasts will definitely break through the market depression easily to get more orders with higher profile.


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