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SCHLE Presentation

SCHLE Presentation


Schle Group starts from Jinda last factory, has developed into an innovative enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacture & sales of high-efficiency CNC machines for lasts and moulds and their attached Control System & CAD/CAM.


Enjoying an outstanding reputation with worldwide leading technologies for standard lasts and automation lasts,  Schle Group invented an unprecedented way for lasts manufacture, which:


  •         realizes completely original machinery with new high-end technologies.

  •         integrates more working cycles to reduce labour and imprecision.

  •         adopts best solutions with the guarantee of quality, safety, productivity and satisfied service.

  •         simplifies operations to employ workers without long experience on lasts.


The AUTOLAST equipment developed by Schle Group exhibits our vision for the future of the last manufacturing.  We’re extending that vision with significant advances across three entirely new high-end products: SL.PLRG X, SL.PLM X, SL.PLA X, SL.PLRF X.


The streamlined operations, compact and simplified mechanical design, the brand new control system with absolute encoders, broadened guide rails, strengthened motors, and independent rotation axes, reinvents the way to make the lasts. Now, it’s even faster and more precise in automation.


SL.PLRG X is completely uncompromising. The high-precision and high-speed capacity of simultaneously producing roughed and grooved last blocks in a working cycle of 2 minutes without possible rejects caused by re-clamping.  


SL.PLM X has the highest productivity for complete last finishing, realizing presenting completely finished standard lasts in a single working cycle of 4-6 minutes, depending on the size of the target last.


SL.PLA X integrates the breakthrough technologies powered by a multifunctional milling centre with ATC system and last blocks roughing feature, delivering prepared lasts for complete finishing of automation lasts.

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